January 28, 2016

My most recent recipes and videos

It's already the end of January and for me, that usually means coming to terms with my less than ideal performance on new year's resolutions. So far, I've managed to make only the most minute amount of progress. Go to bed earlier? Barely. Begin each day with a jog or yoga? It happened, but oh ever so fleetingly. I hope you're faring better with yours. But if not, don't be too hard on yourself, it is January after all and sometimes you have to pat yourself on the back for just showing up every day. I loved this piece in The Guardian about how to be a moderately successful person. In other words, give yourself some slack. But also, give yourself a pep talk every now and then. Just because things didn't get off to a great start or you slipped off the wagon is no reason to abandon your precious resolutions. Also, this Mark Manson piece about habits versus goals is a great read.

One of my resolutions is to keep this blog more up-to-date. Ahem. And I've got so many new recipes to share with you this year, it's hard to know where to begin! It's also been a while since I've done a giveaway and I've got 2 very exciting ones coming up for you soon, so do stay tuned.

In the meantime, there is a whole slew of recipes I recently posted over on PBS Food which I forgot to tell you about. Not a very good start to my resolution, but let's get caught up, shall we?

First up, these rye crepes were a revelation this fall. My crepe of choice has long been the mighty buckwheat variety, but since we have our own homegrown rye (coming out of our ears!) I decided to try it out in crepes and lo and behold, a wonderfully nutty yet much lighter than expected crepe emerged. A new favorite. Rather lovely with pears and cheddar. And this video contains a good hint as to one of my upcoming giveaways... (think fresh-milled flour!!) Here's the video and the recipe:

Then, over the holidays, I made about a gazillion of these Salted Honey Cranberry Pumpkin Seeds Bars and gifted the ones I managed not to devour. Made with coconut oil and using only honey to sweeten, they're a relatively guilt-free treat and pretty addictive. Recipe here.

Then there was the breakfast pie to end all breakfast pies. Oh epic pie. Oh pie to dream about. Turns out, it makes a perfect Christmas breakfast. I'm adopting it as a yearly Christmas morning tradition. But really, it is quite suitable for any day of the year. Whatever you do in 2016, be sure to make this pie. Recipe here.

Then there's this veggie pâté which is a Québec classic and a long-time family favorite. Do you know how hard it is to make brown pâté look good in a photo? It's very hard. But don't let the drab appearance fool you, it's a tasty little pâté. And it makes a fabulous vegetarian Banh Mi sandwich, in case you were wondering. Recipe here.

And then, most recently, there was my beloved Leekchi, queen of ferments (at least in my books, though it's hard to beat ginger carrot kraut). If you are into fermenting, do try this one. You won't be disappointed. I eat it on everything. Also, I have a hunch this might be a seriously good-for-you superfood. Recipe here. 

And finally, there's this bright Savoy cabbage salad with blood oranges and avocado that will splash some color into the greyest of winter days. Recipe here.

So that brings us up to date my friends. Until very soon, I promise! xox

December 04, 2015


Somewhere after blackberry swirl cheesecake and the end of summer, I lost my blogging zeal. It's kind of hard to talk about food and share recipes when some pretty horrific things are happening in the world all around us and it can feel almost impossible to find the right words to talk about them, especially in the limited context of a food blog. Also, according to several sources blogging is dead. So that didn't help with my bad case of blog neglect. And the truth is, much of my old recipe-sharing and food-rambling energy now goes to my Facebook and Instagram feeds, not to mention the PBS blog. So for a girl who tries to not overdo the social media thing, it can all get to be a bit much. When I started this blog just over 4 years ago, I didn't have any of those other outlets. But this is where it all started, and it is always nice to meander back and dangle my legs from this exact place and dispatch a long-overdue greeting and some recipes. So. Hello! How have you been? And does anyone else out there also feel like crawling into a full body cloak these days and not coming out again until spring? Because that's kind of where I'm at right now. 

(Found on Facebook, if you know who created this, let me know so I can credit them, it's brilliant)

Yep. Once the trees are bare and the temperature begins to dip below zero, there's a strange growl from deep within that urges me to go into hiding. It's the sword-wielding winter beast. She really, really likes wood stoves. And blankets. A friend just posted this article about how the colder weather makes us want to sleep more. What if instead of fighting it, we indulged our inclination to lay down our weary little heads and sleep for just a bit longer in the winter months? Bears do it. Skunks do it. And bats and snakes and groundhogs. It seems only normal that we should at the very least, relent our frenzy of activities. I loved this excerpt from the article:
Villages and even small towns were silent, with barely a column of smoke to reveal a human presence.  As soon as the weather turned cold, people all over France shut themselves away and practiced the forgotten art of doing nothing at all for months on end.
This year, I plan to embrace my inner bear. Though in the last few months since I last wrote, I've been anything but hibernating. On the recipe front, I've got a backlog of new recipes to share with you, so I figured I should do a little round-up here, a little five-in-one if you don't mind, to get us all caught up and up-to-date.

The first one is this Rye Berry Salad which features red cabbage, feta, and dill. I love the chew of shiny rye berries, but you can use pretty much any whole grain to make this dish. They turn this into a wholesome salad, perfect for wintery days.

The second is a beloved Italian recipe for Pickled Eggplant in Olive Oil, one of the most delicious things I've ever learned to make. There are a hundred different ways to make this recipe in Italy and each family has their own treasured recipe. In this video, I share the way I was taught to make it.

Next up are my mom's Maple Walnut Stuffed Baked Apples, an easy seasonal favourite. And the ultimate healthy comfort food.

Then there was this Roasted Red Pepper Pesto, a fun one to make, eat, and shoot.

And finally, a very seasonal Pumpkin Maple Flan (or Crème Caramel). And an appropriate pre-hibernation food. 

There. That brings us at least somewhat up to date with the recipes. I'll be back with more recipes soon and perhaps even find the words to say some of the things that have been on my mind that are not always food-related. Until then, may your sleeps be a tiny bit longer.

August 27, 2015

Blackberry Swirl Cheesecake (with a new video!)

I don't know about where you live, but over here the blackberries are insane this year! 

I've talked about my love of blackberries before, and how they always remind me of my stepdad because he is the most dedicated blackberry picker I've ever met. Whenever I go visit him, no matter the time of year, I know I can always count on an amazing blackberry smoothie for breakfast. All I have to do is open up the freezer to find mountains of blackberries in there, memories of late August afternoons spent foraging. 

I'm a bit lazier about picking and I just gobble them all right away for the most part, but this year I did manage to whip up this cheesecake.

In all honesty, there aren't that many blackberries in the cake. It's really all just about making the swirl. Let's talk about the swirl. I've been making a lot of swirls in my desserts this summer and let me tell you, there's something weirdly meditative, calming, mesmerizing, and totally addictive about swirling colors and textures around. 

I was thinking they should make kids (and grown-ups) who struggle with ADD do swirls. It takes all your attention and concentrates it into one glorious action until your brain is nothing but one liquid color melding into another. Totally gnarly. Totally groovy. Have I lost my mind with swirls? Yes, quite probably. You'll just have to try it to see if I'm exaggerating or not. Happy swirling!

Oh yeah, the recipe. Click right here my dear friends. xox